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Forcing Solutions

This is part of the preamble to the 12 Step Fellowship that I found recovery in.

The statement begins with the qualifier that ‘without Spiritual help’, and therein also lies the answer. I find myself forcing solutions and because it isn’t going so well, I’m getting itchy & scratchy.

In the last 3 months, I have been slowly putting my relationship back together with my boyfriend, after an estrangement of 12 months. We are doing it together and I am learning to have an intimate and mature relationship for the first time in my life. We have counseling once a week and talking and listening in between.

So the relationship is going well and we are moving slowly but surely to a very happy place. That isn’t my problem. My problem is that we are looking for a place to move in together again, in September. I should say that I am looking because that’s what I do. I force solutions 3 months in advance and it isn’t working out for me. I can’t find the perfect home for us, this instant. It is making me crazy.

I should hand this over to the care of God, and trust that in good time, the right house will become available. I must also know that the right house may not be perfect according to my terms, and that I will have to co-operate with my partner to find a place that suits us both.

Oh what relief I feel, when I Let Go & Let God.

Image from: http://robynpassante.blogspot.com/2010/09/struggle-redefined-or-when-you-feel.html